Paolo Leoni's photographic experience spans twenty-three years. His career began at the age of fifteen with impromptu street photographs sold to his subjects.

    After a formal education in photography accompanied by an apprenticeship with a professional photographer Paolo's work expanded and evolved into related fields such as freelance work of people, landscapes, theatre activities, the fashion world, documentaries and eventually teaching in a school for fashion models.

    His work has appeared in newspapers and magazines a few of which are Panorama (Italy), Tageblatt and le Jeudi (Luxembourg) and a book: Kamera Kids (United Kingdom). Apart from running his own studio Paolo was also engaged as a freelance photographer for the Omega Fotocronache agency in Milan,Italy and received various assignments for the "Yellow Pages" in Ravenna, Italy.

    Through his documentary work with the press and the adoption of new technologies as they become available Paolo has learned by experience and intuition how to tell a story through a single photographic image. His desire to travel and to intermingle with other cultures and their people is another crucial element of his work.


    "Paolo's work is identified by his gift to make contact with his subject matter, to enter their interior and exterior worlds, his ability to interpret their environment and reinterpret its inhabitants. His vision and the manner in which he synthesises his world and that of others through the lens of his camera are both unique and intriguing".

                                                                      H. Carroll, "Artist"